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Our Story

From a Brother's Love to a National Natural Solution.


At Cured Camel, we have a unique story that revolves around the powerful bond of family and the incredible healing properties of camel milk. Our journey began with a simple but profound desire—to help a loved one in need.


Ray Allan, the visionary behind Cured Camel, embarked on this extraordinary mission when he witnessed his own brother struggling with debilitating stomach issues. Seeing his brother's pain and discomfort, Ray decided to take matters into his own hands and explore alternative remedies that could alleviate these issues and improve his brother's quality of life.


In his quest to find a natural and effective solution, Ray stumbled upon the untapped potential of camel milk. Camel milk, with its rich nutritional profile and unique properties, had been used for centuries in various cultures to promote digestive health and overall well-being. Inspired by this discovery, Ray decided to delve deeper into the world of camel milk and its countless health benefits.


Driven by compassion and a burning desire to make a difference, Ray founded Cured Camel with a clear mission: to bring the healing power of camel milk to people around the world. What started as a personal quest to aid his brother's well-being has evolved into a international enterprise dedicated to promoting digestive health, vitality, and a holistic approach to wellness.


At Cured Camel, we take immense pride in our commitment to quality and purity. We work closely with trusted camel herders and adhere to the highest standards in camel milk production. Our products are carefully crafted to preserve the natural goodness of camel milk, ensuring that every drop is a testament to the ancient wisdom of this remarkable drink.


Today, Cured Camel stands as a beacon of hope and health for countless individuals who seek relief from digestive discomfort and a more vibrant life. Our camel milk products have touched the lives of many, just as they first transformed the life of Ray's beloved brother.


We invite you to join us on this incredible journey of healing, discovery, and renewal. Experience the goodness of camel milk for yourself and be part of a global community dedicated to improving the well-being of humanity—one glass of camel milk at a time.


Together, we continue to share Ray's vision and his enduring belief that a brother's love can lead to solutions that benefit us all.

Camel Milk has many benefits

Our Purpose

At Cured Camel Milk, our goal is to provide fresh, nutritious and high-quality camel milk products to our customers. We believe in promoting digestive health, vitality and a holistic approach to wellness. We strive to be a leading supplier of camel milk products by constantly improving our processes and products. Our mission is to make the goodness of camel milk accessible to everyone.

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